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Every PureRae product is made with its own set of ingredients to ensure that your skin gets all the various nutrients it needs.

This set should last you approximately 4 months! Everyone is a little different depending on your skin and your preferences. 

Set Includes:

1 - Silk Cleanser (Thoroughly cleanses yet still hydrates (removes makeup too))

1 - Beaded Gel Cleanser (Gentle daily exfoliation/ promotes cell turnover)

1 - Pre-Serum Hydrator (Delivers water-based anti-aging and skin-soothing ingredients)

1 - Antioxidant Day Serum (Antioxidant-rich (stable Vit C) that defends against environmental stressors Gives your skin a natural, healthy glow)- Doubles as your daily eye serum too!

1 - Active Night Serum (Loaded with two forms of non-irritating pro-Vit A retinoids and other repairs/rejuvenating nutrients) - Doubles as your nightly eye serum too (Tip: great in the day too for dark circles or puffiness but not if you are going to be in the sun)

Customer Reviews

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Kayleen Page

A Complete Set (Save $39)

Elizabeth Miner

I have been using the Pure Rae Skin Care System before the official launch. (I had an inside scoop!) ~ I am 70 years old, and my skin is resilient, hydrated, and actually glows! The smell of the product brings you to an inner sense of of calmness. I will never go back to bouncing around with my skin care regimen that promises everything and delivers nothing. Pure Rae is the best thing any woman or man could ever use on her/his face. Buy yours NOW!

Joy K
I love PureRae!

I was very surprised that such a silky feeling product could cleanse my skin so well! I love this entire regimen and have definitely noticed a more even skin tone since I began using it in February of 2021. I am 48 years old and have been struggling with "sun" blotches. The PureRae Skincare set has dramatically improved the appearances of these blotches and I am thrilled! I also love how it makes my skin feel and that a little goes a long way. Using products that are safe and effective is important to me, and PureRae gets high marks in both categories! My husband has used the skincare regimen as well, but not as consistently. I'll keep working on that!

Tracy Olson
Love Pure Rae!

Love my Pure Rae skin care, just ordered my second complete set! It's such an easy skin care regimen to follow and love how it leaves my skin looking and feeling!

Maridell Markison
Truly see a difference!

My skin is easily irritated, however using all natural products has really made a remarkable difference. I do not ever want to run out so have stocked up. My skin feels and looks clean, healthy and rejuvenated.