Testimonials from Texts or Social Media

"As I've aged, I've realized the importance of good skincare and having a regimen and routine. In my late twenties, I began a journey to find a product that worked for me. I tried it ALL. the cheap, the middle-of-the-road, the expensive and the REALLY expensive. It wasn't until I begged my friend for her secret that I discovered the routine that has changed my skin in every way. She introduced me to PureRae and I haven't looked back. I can actually SEE and FEEL a difference. No more dry patches mixed with ugly breakouts... I will never use anything else. PureRae is legit. I recommend it to everyone I know"

-- Lindsy Pfau, Kalamzoo, MI


"First Day, OMG I absolutely LOVE the products. My face feel so soft. I can't wait to continue use of all the products and to really see the results. 

Two weeks after Use: After using these products for two weeks. I can honestly tell you that I LOVE them all! I am actually excited to wash my face at night now. This is something I didn't usually do and now I wash my face religiously every morning and night since starting PureRae.  All of the products are easy and quick to use, which is a great part of using them.  Life is crazy busy with children, sports, and work.  

I would highly recommend using PureRae to anyone, even after just two weeks, my skin has never been better. Thank you so much Dani for introducing these amazing products for my skin. I am so happy I tried them out and will continue to use them forever"

-- Bri Karmalita, Crystal Lake, IL


"Thank you so much for developing such a great product set! I have never had a skin routine because I could never decide which combination of products to use and if they were really even healthy for me. So I am super happy this line launched and I will definitely be keeping up this routine. I'll be referring this line to anyone looking for great and healthy skincare. The products are front and center on my bathroom counter so anyone using it will see what I use to keep my face looking young! :) "

-- Chris B, Chicago IL


"Ok... I've used some amazing skincare but after two time of using this, I'm shocked how soft my skin is. I might even say it's glowing, at 50 that is a BIG deal. Way to go. You will do well with this!"

-- Melissa O, Grand Rapids, MI


"I have been using the products for a few weeks and I love them all! My skin feels so smooth and hydrated! I have super sensitive skin so I love that everything is natural and I don't have to worry about any irritants"

-- Jen Vernon, Kalamazoo, MI


"I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I am loving the skincare. My face has definitely adjusted and I can feel and I think I see a huge difference!"

-- Jess Simms, Kalamazoo, MI