Our Story


My name is Dani Dorff, and I am the creator of PureRae Skin.

PureRae Skin is my way of sharing what I discovered about the true effects of skincare with my family and friends.

We all are conscious of our appearance and want to look our best. When I hit my mid-30s, I became even more aware of the signs of aging and wanted to do everything I could to slow that process. I tried super high-end products, all-natural products, expensive ones, and inexpensive ones. I was never satisfied. I also had countless conversations with friends who were also unsatisfied.
The skincare industry is inundated with choices. Yet why are so many of us unsatisfied? I kept thinking, "how is that possible?".

With my kids grown, learning about this became my full-time hobby. Rarely do I finish a book for book-club, but I found myself reading about skin and skincare to the wee hours of the morning on a Friday night.

After months and months of doing that, I decided I wanted to get a formal education too. I obtained my diploma in Natural Skincare Formulating from the award-winning School of Natural Skincare to understand what is possible. Skincare is not a very regulated industry, so we are exposed to many marketing hype, false promises, and a lack of information on what damage some ingredients can do to our skin.

Even with all the knowledge I obtained, I still tried to find what I wanted out there, and I couldn't. I wanted a simple skincare routine that would be as effective as is possible (and I knew what ingredients I wanted to have in there). So I decided to create it.

For a long time, I made products for just my family and a few friends. After seven months of using my final formulas, we love it; my husband and I still comment on how our skin is looking better and better. I am now 43, and my kids are college-age, so I can share it with more people.

I know how busy life can be, and it is my goal to take care of your skin to conquer all the important things in your world.
I welcome questions, so please reach out anytime.

Thank you for considering PureRae!

  • Diploma in Skincare Formulation from the School of Natural Skincare
  • Diploma in Advanced Skincare Formulation from the School of Natural Skincare
  • Member of Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild
  • Marie Gale - Good Manufacturing Processes & Labeling