PureRae At A Glance:

PureRae was founded on a passion for cracking the code on effective skincare for family & friends.

Bottom line: Our skin is our largest organ, and if we "feed" it properly, it will operate optimally. Only then will you see your best skin.

We use vitamins, high-quality oils & extracts - sourced properly (to preserve efficacy) & ethically.

We include ingredients at percentages that make a difference (we don't just say it is in there so we can market it).

Our products are non-GMO, without harmful chemicals, known toxins, or synthetic fragrances.

We are about understanding the skin and formulating to maximize the possible benefits of topical skincare. We are not about marketing hype or selling you unnecessary products.

We want you to be comfortable trying PureRae. If you don't see & feel a difference, we will give you a full refund.