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When mixed with water, Our Silk Cleanser has a very light, silky lather that effectively removes all makeup and surface impurities while replenishing your skin with hydration. 

Formulated with all non-pore-clogging ingredients

Scent: Very light, almost nonexistent. Contains less than .3% essential oils.

Star Ingredients:

Apricot Kernel Oil*: Light Oil with revitalizing properties great for maturing skin. It also supports the protective barrier function of the skin.

Camellia Seed Oil*: Light dry oil with strong antibacterial properties. Also known to tighten and smooth skin, reduce inflammation and redness. Very moisturizing.

Watermelon Seed Oil: A non-greasy oil that helps balance sebum production.

Castor Seed Oil*: Strong detoxifying properties that also stimulate the skin and promote cell turnover.

Elderberry Extract: Provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial benefits to formulations while also providing astringent properties to help tighten the skin.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maridell Markison
Counties to improve

So very happy with ALL Pure Rae products
My skin has never looked or felt this good.
Extremely satisfied❣️

Favorite Cleanser Ever!

I just love the silk cleanser...I’ve never been good about washing my face at night, but with this, I actually look forward to it! It’s so smooth and leaves my face feeling clean, but not dry!

Stephanie Robinson

Love this skincare ! My face feels amazing after each time I use it! And it was hand delivered to my mailbox! Thank you

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