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Essential Pre-Serum Spray delivers all the active water-soluble ingredients to your skin and allows our day or night serum to spread more effectively. It is Step 1 in our 2-Step Moisturizing System.

Star Ingredients: 

Aloe Juice: Soothing and Anti-inflammatory.

Panthenol (Vit B5): Anti-inflammatory and attracts water properties to deeper layers of the skin.

Willow Bark Extract: Natural salicylic acid without irritation that enhances cell turnover, and that helps reduce build up on the surface of the skin.

Green Tea Extract: Its high polyphenol content has the ability to inhibit the enzyme that affects collagen breakdown. Also, a strong antioxidant that defends against UV damage on the surface of the skin.

Sodium PCA: One of our natural moisturizing factors that attract & retains moisture and protects our acid mantle- which helps prevent the visible signs of aging.

Seaweed Source Peptides: Helps increase collagen synthesis (a lack thereof is one of the leading causes of the visible signs of aging).

Silk Amino Acids: Excellent moisture binding properties that also give the skin a more supple, smooth appearance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tracy Olson
Love the Pre_serum hydrator!

As with all of the PureRae skin care system, I love the pre-serum hydrator and use in not only on my face, but on my arms and legs as well because it works so well and leaves my skin feeling dewy and ready to absorb the lotion I put on afterwards!

Christine Bond
Happy Customer

Very happy with the hydrating serum and the day and night serums. Very refreshing and easy to use.

Maridell Markison
Best way to refresh

I really enjoy using this Pure Rae Hydrator, and often freshen up midday with a spritz or two. Honestly, feel and see a big difference in my skin, and others have commented as well! Thank you so much for these natural, amazing products 😊


My skin has never felt to fresh and hydrated!

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